MWI International was based on the concept originated by the Acclaimed TV modeling competition “She got the Look” for women 30 & older. MWI International is about today’s woman, who is comfortable in her own shoes. The woman who knows who she is & is not defined by labels. We are about celebrating the Beauty, Elegance & Sophistication of today’s Iconic Woman.

Promote, inspire and empower all women to develop and utilize their strengths and inner qualities. These are the foundations & qualities that each women imprints on the world.


MWI International was designed to showcase the beauty, intelligence & grace of Women over 35. As each incredible lady shares her ideas and goals, they become unified with their communities and cement a bond of sisterhood that extends across the Globe.


Delegates are judged on Interview, Haute Couture Fashion Wear, Evening Gown & Fitness. The combination of all these elements along with community service makes the perfect recipe for MWI International Royalty. The evening's competition will end with an On Stage (Top Five) question, bringing the conclusion & highlight to the crowning moment of MWI International.